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When the Time Comes


About the Project:

Ananya's life is perfect. She has a job she loves, a guy she loves and a great group of friends. Life takes a turn when an incident at her New Years party causes a rift between her best friend and her best friend and she is not willing to pick sides. Lives, careers and visas are at stake because Ananya wants to help everybody and fix their lives instead of just picking a side!


This project is currently under pre-production 

Slumber Jack


About the Project:

Slumber Jack is the name of my Master's degree thesis project. It is a short 3-D animated film about a day in the life of a little Kitten and a Jack-in-the-Box. Jack is one of those old toys forgotten in the attic. He is old, literally! On this particular day he is exceptionally tired and sleepy, but Kitty is in a mood to play!!

This film is currently under production.

My Superhero Buddy


About the Project:

In the city of Shantiville, amateur journalist Jagruti has had it with superhero Superb-Man fighting the super villain Quaker-Man on a daily basis. Her roommate Kaneez thinks otherwise. She is a Superb-Man fangirl and would love to use her skills to help the so-called superhero, while Jagruti is scheming to bring the "hero" down... It's hero vs villain, it's hater vs fangirl. There can be only one winner. Or can they just share the apartment.

This project is currently under pre-production.

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